Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Natasha Samria, and I am a fourth year Advertising student at the University of Florida. I am here to share my interpretations and knowledge from what I have learned thus far in my Internet Literature (LIT3400) class. I am going to hopefully put to the test not only my brain, but my imagination.

Being an Advertising major, I rarely get the opportunity to come across pieces of great literature. Through this class though, I have not only found fantastic pieces of print literature, but I have also discovered the new, up-and-coming, fascinating world that is internet literature, or better known as E-lit.

When I first started writing this blog, I was so worried about being gramatically correct, and making sure that my view or interpreations came across to the audience, but not too strongly to scare them away. Then, I started thinking. A blog is not so much about grammatical errors (although annoying to some) or being correct all the time, it’s about having a voice, and letting it be heard. The Internet has become the perfect place for one’s voice in this new day and age. It is a way to have an opinion and not being scared to admit it. Or, it’s sharing with other people – thoughts, ideas – and getting feedback and/or new ideas; expansion on one’s ideas or knowledge.

Internet Literature (LIT3400), here at the University of Florida, has opened my eyes not only to blogging, but to relating print literature (that I have grown up with since a child) to the new literature that has surfaced on the Internet. I am excited to share with you my interpretations I have gathered on Calvino’s writing, and what I have learned in this fascinating new world English class. I hope you divulge, comprehend, and most of all….enjoy!

P.S. Side note – I love anything celebrity, Hollywood, etc. So, I hope that gives you a clue as to why I named the title for this blog what it is 🙂

Above: A clue as to where I hale from originally.


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